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Women's socks: the types that can be found on Emporio Calze

Let's start with women's long socks, a type that is perfect for those seasons where extra length is needed, such as winter, to be combined with opaque tights and, if desired, with leggings.

No less essential are women's short socks, the basic types of which, available on Emporio Calze, are:

  • Women's cotton socks. Cotton is the material par excellence with which women's socks are produced and is perfect for making both light and warmer solutions.
  • Women's socks in colored microfibre. Socks want colours, both bright and more basic like black, brown and navy blue. A personal choice that can be perfectly matched to the outfit without forgetting the fluo colors or the bright colors of the season.
  • Lurex socks. Lurex is the most fashionable fabric of recent years and in women's socks it brings that note, bright and shiny, but also of delicate elegance, capable of giving an original and fun element to the outfit..
  • Sheer women’s socks. Socks that on Emporio Calze are declined in multiple models, always resulting fashionable. One of the flagships of the brands Jolie Folie, Franzoni and Beatrice Conti.
  • Openwork or net socks. All the charm of the net or of transparency games, for this model of women's socks. More daring and sensual than ever.

Shoe liners: safety for women

The invisible footies are necessary in many looks for women. They are a perfect model in many types of shoes. On Emporio Calze you can find foot liners made according to the following models:

  • Shoe liner for open shoes. A toe-less foot protector able to perform more fashion than ever, but also comfortable, footwear that is not always easy to wear like open ones, including sandals.
  • Silicone foot pads. A non-slip foot protector able of providing safety further to the woman who wears it, even in the contact between foot and shoe.
  • Lace shoe liner. The ideal solution for those who want an invisible sock and with a visible light touch, sweet and delicate, of absolute refinement.
  • Cotton footies. The model par excellence that sees the search for a cotton sustainable and quality.
  • Sheer footies. A delicate and easy to match foot protector. The solution perfect with the mid-seasons and, thanks to the quality of the materials of the guaranteed brands on Emporio Calze, incredible even to the touch.
  • Décolleté footies. The décolleté are shoes that to be worn well require an essential quality not only of the shoe but also of the sock short for women. This foot protector proves to be the ideal s olution, so as to make the effect slender on the figure even more pleasant and seductive.

The shoes for which the footies is particularly suitable are really many and range from ballet flats to sandals to sneakers and décolleté. The important thing is to always choose the right model, taking into account, as well as the shoe itself, your style, the season and of the outfit as a whole. With Emporio Calze it is more possible than ever.

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