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The women's tights available on Emporio Calze are perfect for modern women who love to express their personality without renouncing to make their legs stand out. A garment, the tights, which made the fashion revolution and which is still now at the center of innovations of the manufacturers.

Made in Italy has a wide tradition in the production of women's tights and stockings. It proves capable of keeping up with the times and investing in the selection of materials, but also with a research that makes sustainability a central element of the various stages of realization.

The tights for online sale available on Emporio Calze represent all this and see the proposals of three brands synonymous with Made in Italy excellence: Jolie Folie, Donna BC Beatrice Conti and Franzoni. Each with a different and personal way of giving shape and voice to the uniqueness of each woman, who, through stockings, finds herself bringing to light new and personal style elements.

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Jolie Folie women's tights

What are women's tights if not a pleasant madness, to pleasantly bring your legs into the spotlight? A solution that makes it possible to play with fashion even in cold seasons,being able to stay more protected and warm if needed.

Jolie Folie creates women's tights and stockings in a refined and sustainable way for all seasons, with proposals ranging from 8 denier, ideal to wear even during the summer season, passing through 15 den, 20 den, 40 den, up to opaque stockings that reach 50 - 80 den and even 120 or 200 den.

The black color is always present as well as all the classic nuances of nude, but also tones like gray that make these tights, which are characterized by an always impeccable fit and the ability to last over time, perfect in combination with different looks.

Franzoni's tights online on Emporio Calze

Franzoni's proposal on Emporio Calze manifest the creation of women's stockings that are in the sign of a femininity expressed with seduction and confidence, with awareness of one's own expressiveness and emotionality.

Online stockings and tights that present particularly sensual and elegant models, for a woman who wants to feel at ease in every situation and who finds that extra boost in tights.

Transparency games, structured according to different opaque solutions, where there are even models dedicated to pregnant women or those who are already on maternity leave. Women's tights that show a woman capable of giving voice to the best version of herself.

Donna BC Beatrice Conti women's tights: experience, quality and sustainability

Women's tights of DONNA BC Beatrice Conti are made to perfection, according to the wise tradition of Made in Italy, in which the shop Emporio Calze finds expression, according to materials studied in the name of sustainable and responsible production, but no less fashion.

Basic models capable of enveloping the woman and leading her to experience her own way of being, enhancing her physicality with simplicity and refinement.

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