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The girl's socks avaible on Emporio Calze

The models of girl's socks & tights that can be found on Emporio Calze see a wide assortment that can be combined with that of mothers in the so-called “Mini Me look”.

A proposal made possible thanks to the styling of the brands available on Emporio Calze and in particular in the Jolie Folie lines, designed for both women and little girls. A way to create an element of common style, but also of union, between mother and daughter, in a play of colors where each one finds herself expressing her own personality in autonomous and at the same time supportive way.

Microfiber stockings for girls are an essential element for many combinations, perfect with skirts and dresses, but also for the colder season under the pants. Tights declined in a wide range that allows you to choose within an all-round proposal of colored girl's stockings .

There is no shortage of natural colored stockings defined nude designed for the little girl. It will be possible choose according to the complexion, for the most elegant looks and for how many, from an early age, they are attracted by a minimal chic style.

On Emporio Calze, there is no shortage of stockings for girls of all ages. Choose it will be fun and even educational: in the name of style, elegance, quality and respect for the environment.

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