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Emporio calze

Emporio Calze offers the best items of Calze B.C. srl with innovative stockings brands "Made in Italy" for women, girls and baby such as: Donna BC Beatrice Conti, Aquilone, Franzoni, Jolie Folie, Jolie Folie Kids.

An online hosiery shop dedicated to women and girls who wish to be able to play with fashion and outfit, feeling at ease at all times of the day. Style ideas designed with excellent fit as one second skin, according to maximum comfort and originality, as “Made in Italy” stockings have always wanted. The materials are treated and selected so as to be, as well as beautiful, really comfortable and sustainable for the environment.

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Wide range of stockings and tights for women avaible online

The hosiery available for purchase: stockings online at Emporio Calze, the new shop with an attractive Italian appeal that sees products such as stockings & tights able of declining femininity in all seasons of life.

In addition to the models dedicated to girls and newborns, there are those designed for women, for which stockings and tights represent a style garment able to enhance the femininity.There are three lines for women available in the on-line shop Emporio Calze:

  • Jolie Folie: stockings and tights “Made in Italy” that guarantee to women maximum freedom of movement, combining femininity and comfort with sustainability. Also available in the version for girls and baby with brand Jolie Folie Kids
  • Franzoni: stockings “Made in Italy” that can be purchased online in a brand that wants to represent the very essence of feminine charm and that uses only quality materials, according to a minimal design chic with an assured special effect. For a woman capable of being herself, with audacity, every time.
  • Donna BC by Beatrice Conti: an online marketing of hosiery particularly interesting, popular tights for everyday where Mediterranean femininity meets the comfort. An Italian style, like never before, able to captivate thanks to combination of tradition, craftsmanship and innovation

To find tights and socks “Made in Italy” in the online shop Emporio Calze is simple for every woman. We all know that the hosiery items in the closet drawers are never enough.

Tights and socks online dedicated to girls and newborns

There are two brands available for the newborns and the girls, one more interesting than the other. These are Calze Aquilone and Jolie Folie Kids. Calze Aquilone is a brand that has always offered tights “Made in Italy” for girls 0-14 years and baby 0-24 months, identified by colours and joy.

Style solutions that allow to enjoy every moment of the day without without giving up your own personality and style. This from the very first steps, making the girls always fashionable, stylish or elegant with lines dedicated to ceremonies. There are sport proposals in the line Dance Aquilone with tights suitable for dance classic, modern, Jazz or perfect for skating, for example, or wherever she needs tights that can best follow her in movement and activities after school.

Jolie Folie Kids, on the other hand, offers a collection of stockings and tights for those who want to amaze, with their own style, from an early age even with elegance in ceremonies. An online sale of tights, dedicated to girls, fanciful and elegant, in a version that offers the same mood as the one worn by mothers in brand Jolie Folie.

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