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With the cut and sewn pantaleggings or leggings for women available on Emporio Calze it is possible for women to combine a garment created for sport in a dynamic way and according to fashion style solutions, ideal for everyday life

The trousers leggings were, in fact, initially created for physical activity, where they are able to guarantee, thanks to their adherence, maximum practicality and performance: it is no coincidence that they are ideal in practices such as yoga and pilates.

The range of women's leggings by Emporio Calze includes proposals from brands of Italian excellence such as Donna BC Beatrice Conti, Jolie Folie and Franzoni. They are made in the name of sustainability with an important selection of materials. Sustainable leggings capable of guaranteeing fit and comfort over time to which they add an important aspect such as resistance.

Perfect proposals for all sizes that also see solutions of leggings for curvy, able to make the figure more harmonious and slender. Ideal in everyday life and perfect for making a woman feel always perfectly at ease with her, from smart working to an aperitif.

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Leggins for sale online on Emporio Calze

Leggings as we know them today were first introduced in the 1950s and have been worn (and loved) by all women, including movie icon Audrey Hepburn.

Over the years the fashion houses, and the brands available on Emporio Calze are no exception, have invested and not a little, to make them more current and fashionable, bringing that extra note of dynamism that makes them usable for all moments of the day.

On Emporio Calze you can also find leggings in the winter version for plus sizes, as well as for summer and mid-seasons: simply match them with the right sock. A comfortable, fun and versatile garment like few others.

The thousand ways to wear leggings

How many ways are there to wear leggings with style? Almost infinite and the leggings that can be found on Emporio Calze, with their simple and at the same time always trendy style, are proof of this.

You can wear them on sight with a dress, or with a tight-fitting shirt, in the gym, so as to slim the silhouette and make it more harmonious than ever. Also interesting together with the jeans mini and together with the different fashion patterns.

Today, women's leggings represent a garment that simply having in the wardrobe is increasingly essential. This is thanks to the cutting-edge solutions that make them extremely innovative. Eco friendly leggings of Emporio Calze have at heart not only the health of the environment but also women's desire to feel well at 360 °.

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