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Tights 8 -15 - 20 denier

The low denier tights, the sheer ones, available on Emporio Calze guarantee a natural effect and an impeccable fit every time, guaranteeing maximum resistance thanks to Lycra. The proposals by Jolie Folie, Franzoni and Beatrice Conti present perfect tights for mid-seasons, able to perfectly match the woman's complexion, thanks to the variety of shades.

The 20 denier black tights are particularly seductive, the very essence of a style that wants to be, in its simplicity, bold and fashionable. Even more so on occasions when maximum elegance is required.

Tights 30 - 40 denier

The 30 or 40 denier tights are the ideal solution for those periods of the year when you don't know what to wear, due to variable weather.

The basic models of 30 denier tights that can be found online on Emporio Calze meet this need and do it with style, thanks to shades that make it easy to combine with outfits related to the profession and even for the most elegant ones, as in the case of the style ideas of semi-comprising 30 denier tights in light and impalpable microfibre.

A wide assortment of 40 denier tights could not be missing on Emporio Calze, among the most loved by women ever and which definitely cannot be missing from the wardrobe. Usually semi-opaque, modeling, resistant and /or medical.

Style ideas in different color shades and with the right fit, as in the case of the model Active by Jolie Folie, perfect for wearing for a long time thanks to the revitalizing action that relieves the legs.

An example of how the models on Emporio Calze, including the 40 denier tights, are designed and structured down to the smallest detail, always being impeccable. 

Tights 50 denieri

The 50 denier tights are the must have, timeless microfibres and opaque basics. They are perfect to be worn in those looks that want the legs to be visible, and it is no coincidence that they are ideal even with just a simple jacket and with garments that have mini lengths. Proposed in unlimited fashion colors but solid colors.

Tights that are able to offer that extra security to women with the coldest, making them trendy at the same time as never before. One of the basic tights lines not to be underestimated and that on Emporio Calze, thanks to the innovative solutions of the brands Jolie Folie, Franzoni and Donna BC Beatrice Conti, is even more fashionable.

Sheer tights

Sheer tights are a garment that is widely used by women in different seasons. They include tights ranging from 8 denier up to a maximum of 40 denier, a type that is considered both sheer and semi-opaque at the same time.

The sheer tights available on Emporio Calze see the proposals of brands Made in Italy such as Jolie Folie, Beatrice Conti and Franzoni, which present a design in the name of fashion and sustainability. The fabrics are made in achieving the important standards of the textile sector, with an innovative mix of synthetic fibers that guarantee maximum comfort but also durability.

Sheer tights, very transparent

Sheer and shiny tights appeared for the first time in the 1960s, following the invention of nylon, proving to be a comfortable alternative to socks and even to the habit of showing bare legs.

They are a way not only to protect and cover, ensuring the right thermoregulation with respect to climatic conditions, but also to decline the style and even hide any imperfections.

A speech that also applies to the lightest sheer tights, ranging from 8 denier tights to 20 denier tights. These are offered on Emporio Calze in many models, both basic and fashion, to be worn on the many occasions of mid-seasons and summer. On Emporio Calze you can find:

  • Sheer tights 8 denier: a model more veiled than ever, very veiled we could say, in different shades of color, including 8 denier black tights, trendy as never before for this type where they allow you to give the legs that extra note of refinement. On Emporio Calze they are also present in the flip-flop version, suitable for open shoes such as sandals. The ideal to wear in the hottest period of the year.
  • Tights 10 – 15 denier: less fine than 8 denier sheer tights, they are close to “nude look ” and at the same time quite resistant, which is why they can be worn every day and for several hours. On Emporio Calze they can be found in many models, including the version black tights 15 den. These sheer tights are mostly used during spring and autumn.
  • Tights 20 denier: one of the most popular models for women, thanks to the large size versatility and the right compromise between covering and showing, without feeling cold during the days of spring and autumn when the weather can change rapidly. On Emporio Calze they can also be found in different versions of 20 denier black tights. Perfect for tactfully covering the legs that are able to move in total freedom.

Less veiled, but with the same style

The 30 denier and 40 denier tights are really useful for those situations in which it is necessary to be perfect, elegant and cover the legs a little more, in the presence of a particular dress code, but also for reasons related to weather conditions.

The 30 denier tights are slightly less opaque than the 40 denier ones, which have extra protection that makes them perfect for winter and for the most important evenings.

The models available on Emporio Calze include black tights 30 denier and 40 denier sheer tights in multiple shades. As for the other types, they are present, in addition to the basic version, in fashion variations that include patterns and embroidery. Looks become even more fashion.

Opaque Tights

Opaque tights are one of the types that has literally revolutionized the way women dress. This is because they allow you to wear the skirt even when it is not only cold, but very cold, playing with the legs in the way that best suits your needs.

There are, in the proposal of Emporio Calze, according to different levels of coverage ranging from 40 denier tights and over 100 denier, up to the maximum limit of 200 denier tights. Opaque tights allow to obtain the right thermoregulation of the body and are operative even when they are not visible, because under the trousers for example.

On Emporio Calze they are available in the collections, all Made in Italy, of the brands Jolie Folie, Franzoni and Donna BC Beatrice Conti, which also include the innovative version of flesh-colored opaque tights. Surprising models that allow you to show your legs even when the weather is harsh outside.

Tights 40 denire: opaque but also sheer

The 40 denier tights represent a multitasking version of stockings. They prove to be functional and useful from autumn to spring. The design, especially in quality models such as those available on Emporio Calze, is perfect for the most elegant dresses and even for events such as New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day or a dinner where a specific dress code is required.

The 40 denier black tights are often indispensable for work looks, where they can guarantee that extra elegant note, but they are also interesting in the embroidered and patterned version.

The others models of opaque tights

Covering means protecting: the different models of opaque tights higher than 40 deniers, such as 200 denier tights, are able not to show the skin at all. An element that is also noticeable in the flesh-colored versions.

The more the thickness increases from the point of view of the coverage, the less you can see the skin, which is, at the same time, kept warm. The opaque tights models available on Emporio Calze include different weights such as:

  • Tights 50 denier. made in dozens of colors, even in the nude version or natural shades, they can be worn with both everyday items and more elegant ones. Comfort & beauty the elements that are able to guarantee.
  • Tights 70 e 80 denier. comfort tights, particularly suitable for everyday life. The careful design of the brands available on Emporio Calze, including the plus size versions, makes them suitable for the physicality of all women. We find microfibers or revitalizing with compression.
  • Tights 100 denier and Tights 120 denier. even more opaque than the previous ones, they offer additional protection against the cold. No less elegant than the other opaque tights, they are ideal for use on the coldest days of winter when extra protection is required, including mini looks.
  • Tights 200 denier. defined as soft, they are really soft and very warm, more opaque than that cannot be. Tights to wear not only for work and free time, but also for the days spent at home, including those of smart working, in which they offer an extra cuddle or undersuit in the snow.

Opaque tights, in all their shades, are an idea of style that makes a woman feel free even when it's cold., without giving up showing her legs, but living them with more lightness.

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