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The functions of medical compression stockings

Medical compression stockings perform an important preventive and even curative action. They are available according to multiple types, depending on the specific function they are to perform.

Among the most important are the anti-thrombus medical stockings, micro-massaged, with graduated compression, real medical devices that are able to adapt, thanks to the elastic fabric, to the thighs, legs and ankles, so as to act at a preventive level on venous thrombosis deep. They have a specific structure, narrower in the area around the ankle and less in the calves and thighs, which improves the functionality of the venous valves.

How? Simply by reducing the circumference of the limb and consequently increasing the speed of blood flow, at a deep and superficial level. This reduces thrombus formation.

Elastic medical or gradual compression stockings are present in models that are functional in less important risk situations. For example, in the case of swollen legs. They are perfect for those jobs where it is required to stand for a long time as the waitress, the saleswoman and the nurse.

Furthermore, medical compression tights are a valid aid for the most common circulatory disorders, such as varicose veins or venous inflammations. They are therefore suitable for use during a trip, by plane, by ship and for long-distance journeys by car.

Finally, a particularly noteworthy type of medical tights is orthopedic medical compression ones, which feature both restful models and specific ones for sport activities, capable of promoting muscle oxygenation, as well as circulation.

The models of medical stockings available on Emporio Calze

The medical stockings that can be found on Emporio Calze are able to perform the different functions typical of these. They are available in three basic models:

  • Knee-high medical compression stocking. It goes from the foot to the knee.
  • Medical compression stockings that reach the thigh, hold-up or over-the-knee socks. A model similar to that of the stockings that can be used, on the indications of the therapist.
  • Medical compression tights. They wrap from the feet to the navel. The medical tights with compressive action that can be found on Emporio Calze are particularly effective, at the same time slimming the figure.

Medical stockings, to bring maximum benefits, must be used appropriately. Those present on Emporio Calze also manage to be pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, matching the best of everyday and everyday items.

Graduated compression

Graduated compression stockings are one of the solutions that are most used in cases where problems related to the circulatory or venous system occur, which see the appearance of swelling sensations in the legs, a sense of heaviness and even edema.

The most frequent situation is that of varicose veins, but it is not the only one: the graduated compression elastic stockings are a valid help for all those women who find themselves standing for many hours, thanks to modern life which is particularly fast and hectic.

The best graduated compression stockings, as in the case of the models available on Emporio Calze, are designed to srt slow down the venous and lymphatic insufficiency of the lower limbs, making the legs feel lighter, more agile and beautiful.

They prove to be functional in various everyday situations, from work to the most important events. The graduated compression elastic stockings that can be found on Emporio Calze are particularly pleasing from an aesthetic point of view, as well as comfort.

The models of graduated compression stockings on Emporio Calze

Emporio Calze presents a wide range of graduated compression stockings, declined, in a specific way, also in medical compression stockings and support tights, able to accompany women in particular situations, including pregnancy.

Graduated compression tights are the model par excellence. They cover the leg from the foot to the navel, wrapping it according to a system that manages to offer a massaging effect, particularly effective. On Emporio Calze you can also find strong graduated compression tights and according to different coverage levels, such as 70 den graduated compression and 140 den tights.

No less interesting is the model of open toe graduated compression tights, perfect to wear during physical activity, in free time, as well as together with the most elegant garments. A solution to stay comfortable and at the same time ensure preventive action from the point of view of swelling: at the end of the day, your legs will feel more rested.

Graduated compression hold-ups are another model on Emporio Calze. They are available in multiple fashion shades and wrap from the foot to the thigh. These are real style ideas, as well as models related to the needs that accompany graduated compression tights. The woman rediscovers and enhances, in this way, the more sensual side of her.

Finally, on Emporio Calze there are medium graduated compression stockings, which usually reach up to the calf and are particularly functional. They are studied in detail and prove to be able to give important relief.

The benefits of graduated compresion stockings

The benefits guaranteed by graduated compression stockings and tights are many:

  • Reduction of fatigue and a sense of heaviness in the legs.
  • When medical, they represent an effective tool in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis.
  • Reduction of swelling and pain associated with varicose veins.
  • Improvement of lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduction of states of vertigo and instability.
  • Reduction of states of vertigo and instability. Improved blood flow in the legs.

Having a good range of quality graduated compression stockings at your disposal is important and even necessary for many women. With the models on Emporio Calze this is possible without giving up feeling beautiful, free and elegant.

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